Webinar: Marketing Agencies: Use Consumer Behavior Data to Help You Win More Deals

Access the restaurant analytics you need to understand consumer movement and behavior patterns, brand affinities, trade areas, and more—everything you need for building, operating and marketing your restaurants.

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The data is accurate. It gives us a strategic advantage over our competitors because it helps us prioritize our efforts, and really helps us focus in the right places.

Allyn Taylor, Director of Development and Construction

Pick New Restaurant Locations with Precision

Decide confidently where to place a new location with solid restaurant data intelligence. Optimize down to which side of a block, which side of a shopping center, how wide to make a drive-thru based on consumer movement and traffic patterns.

Attract More Diners and Measure ROI

Target your audience segments with digital ads that are relevant to them, and out-of-home (OOH) ads on the routes your audience naturally travels. Then, track their movement to correlate your customers who entered your restaurants and attribute those visits to the right ads.

Understand Your Diners’ Movement Patterns

Track consumers’ movement patterns, including to and from home and work, where else they go when they visit your restaurant, visits by time of day or day of week, and more. See the draw distance of any location, and how far people are willing to travel to get there.

Get to Know a Market – and Your Competitors’ Customers

Survey any place – including your competitors stores – and analyze its consumers’ brand affinities and movement patterns. See how your customers interact with the competition, and customize messaging to win their loyalty.
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