Webinar: Marketing Agencies: Use Consumer Behavior Data to Help You Win More Deals

Obtain real estate analytics on any place—a neighborhood, commercial property, office park, and more – to understand consumer habits and trends, commuter movement patterns, and trade area demographics. Whether you’re a property owner, business owner, or real estate developer/investor, access the data intelligence you need to find the right location fit between property, business, and consumer.

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Perform Next-Level Trade Area Analysis

Survey any place and instantly know its demographics, consumer profiles, and footfall trends. Pick a location and go in-depth with real estate analytics to uncover its true trade area, the average time spent there, nearby commuter and consumer movement patterns, and more.

Find the Right Merchant-Consumer Fit

Uncover neighborhoods that match your target audience based on the consumers who live, work, and travel there. Find residential neighborhoods with certain brand affinities, locations along common professional commuter paths, and more.

Attract the Best Tenants with Consumer Behavior Data

Match tenants and business owners with the right properties with confidence, even down to knowing which side of a shopping center is the best fit. Optimize your mix of tenants by understanding consumer behavior data around what their customers want.

Keep Up with Market Research and Competitive Intelligence

Analyze up-to-date consumer behavior data to understand where today’s consumers eat, shop, travel, and spend their time. Study what trade areas, stores, and brands capture people’s attention, both online and in-store, and use those insights to stay ahead of the competition.
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