Webinar: Marketing Agencies: Use Consumer Behavior Data to Help You Win More Deals

Scale smarter, with billions of insights on people and places that take the guesswork out of expanding to new locations. Evaluate target markets, understand competitor performance and cannibalization, and select new sites with confidence—down to the last block.

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Site Selection in Retail

Maximize ROI of New Locations

Make informed decisions to reduce risk around site selection. Track storefront ROI, analyze up-and-coming markets, and know which sites will best reach your target audience.

Inform Site Selection with Comprehensive Data

Explore powerful insights on 70 million places to shed light on areas that first-party data doesn’t cover, including true trade areas, competitor insights, and market-level trends.

Minimize the Impact of Cannibalization

Choose sites that minimize cannibalization on existing locations by understanding true trade areas of all your locations and choosing the site with the best potential and least impact.

Site Selection in Retail

Azira’s Solution for Site Selection

Competitive Intelligence

Create visitation reports for any location—including your competitors’. Analyze market share, trade, areas, demographics, and more.

Privacy-First, Always

Know that Azira prioritizes consumer privacy.

Real-Time Market Research

Unlock insights to evaluate target markets—like activity by daypart, popularity trends, or which areas are up-and-coming.

Multi-Site Comparison

Dive into one location, or explore visualizations for up to 5 sites. Find insights including footfall trends, popularity, or trade area.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Know where your new location will do best down to the block. See which other brands your customers prefer and then choose nearby locations.

Cannibalization Studies

Understand true trade areas and dig into granular consumer behavior data trends to understand the impact of a new site on your existing ones
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