Webinar: Marketing Agencies: Use Consumer Behavior Data to Help You Win More Deals

Reach, understand, and market to audiences at a global scale, with one of the largest sources of data intelligence in the industry. Providing consumer behavior insights from more than 44 countries, Azira’s Data Intelligence Platform is the full-stack solution trusted by enterprises worldwide. 

Leverage Actionable Insights for Marketing and Operations

Azira’s Data Intelligence Platform provides actionable insights and analytics to give you the confidence to make data-driven decisions across multiple departments. The platform includes:

Operational Intelligence
about Places

Marketing Intelligence
about People

Unlock Real Business Value with Pinnacle

Pinnacle helps operational leaders and analysts across industries seeking insights about places make confident, data-driven decisions.

  • Get unparalleled intelligence on your competitors
  • Identify the potential store locations with the best ROI
  • Optimize supply chain based on consumer movement patterns
  • Access via GIS tools, dashboards, APIs, ML models, and more

Maximize Your Marketing ROI with Allspark

Allspark helps marketing leaders maximize campaign effectiveness with AI-enhanced audience curation, seamless integrations and real-world attribution

  • Acquire new customers with more effective targeting
  • Leverage act-alike modeling, location affinity, demographics and more
  • Grow revenue & maximize marketing ROI with online-to-offline attribution
  • Grow loyalty with deeper customer insights and increased personalization

Leading organizations use Azira’s data intelligence on consumer behavior from more than 44 countries to make Operational and Marketing decisions across Retail, Restaurants, Real Estate, Travel and Tourism, & more.

Derive Actionable Data Intelligence in an End-to-End Solution

Wherever you are on your data journey, Azira can help. Take action across marketing and operations use cases, and measure omnichannel impact.

How Data Points
Become Data Intelligence

At Azira, we build our data universe through a rigorous multi-step process applied across trillions of data points. Throughout the process, Azira prioritizes consumer privacy.


Gather data across strategic, exclusive data pipes and partnerships

Process & Screen

Rigorously screen trillions of data points, discarding as much as 75% of the data


Extrapolate to statistically-sound estimates of the entire population

Remove Biases

Validate the model against government and other official data sources

What Sets Azira Apart?

Azira’s data is delivered in a privacy-first and consent-led approach. 

Rich Data Quality

Exclusive data pipes, rigorous fraud and anomaly detection, and constant updates for an accurate view of consumers.

Global Data Reach

Access data on global consumer behavior from 44 countries and 70 million points of interest.

Faster Actionable Insights

Unlock value for your team, with an intuitive platform, APIs, feeds and seamless integrations for GIS tools.
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