Webinar: Marketing Agencies: Use Consumer Behavior Data to Help You Win More Deals

Welcome to the future of audience segmentation and targeting. Curate rich consumer personas based on digital and real-world insights. Find audiences where they are and when they are ready to act. Then, instantly launch campaigns to win business, and measure impact across digital and offline activity.

Trusted for audience curation by leading organizations across media, retail, restaurants, auto, travel & tourism and more


Uncover Your Most Profitable Audiences

Build bespoke audiences based on their likelihood to engage with your business. Reach affinity segments with pinpoint accuracy by understanding consumer behaviors in the digital and real world, like visits to specific places, home or work location, brand preferences, and more.

Answer Strategic Marketing Questions with Confidence

Visualize curated audiences to get the answers you’ve been searching for. What are your audience personas? What’s the gender and age group mix? Unlock actionable insights to boost brand awareness, drive store footfalls, increase customer lifetime value, and maximize ROI.

Launch High-Impact Campaigns, Instantly

Build and launch campaigns instantly from Azira’s marketing platform or seamlessly integrate with your DSP of choice. Go after affinity audiences, target your competitors, unleash smarter audience segmentation, and track 100+ campaign metrics across digital and offline attribution.

Trusted by
Industry Leaders

Advanced Audience Curation to Power Effective Campaigns

Curate bespoke audiences, launch campaigns to convert them, and track it all in one place

Next-Level Audience Curation

Build and target rich consumer personas based on large-scale real world data and behaviors—like home location, brand affinity, and more.

“Act-Alike” Profiling

Take the guesswork out of it—use AI modeled affinity and lookalike audiences to go after consumers that have the highest likelihood of becoming loyal customers.

Online to Offline Attribution

Measure digital and real-world performance for every campaign, with interactive, customizable, API-based reporting. Tie digital campaign impressions to actual footfall for omnichannel activation.

Privacy by Design

Know that Azira prioritizes consumer privacy.

One-Click Segmentation

Break down campaign results by specific audience attributes to hone in on your target audience more deeply. Then, A/B test campaigns and invest more in the one that performs better.

Seamless Integrations

Plug into the marketing tools your team already uses for a seamless workflow—like Meta, Google Marketing Platform, Adobe, the TradeDesk, etc.
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