Webinar: Marketing Agencies: Use Consumer Behavior Data to Help You Win More Deals

Imagine instant market research for retail, restaurants, CRE and more. Understand your target market like never before. Keep a real-time pulse on visitation patterns, consumer behavior trends, and more. Then expand confidently, with actionable data to inform every decision.

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Evaluate (and Reevaluate) Any Target Market

View patterns in visitation to understand market trends over time. Know whether consumers are visiting more or less, and how far they’re willing to travel to get there. From neighborhoods to whole cities, perform market area analysis to make smarter business decisions.

Conduct Market Area Analysis More Effectively

Answer questions around areas with the most foot traffic at certain times of day or days of week, competitors and their market share, and what up-and-coming areas could unlock more ROI. Track trends, spot opportunities, and expand with confidence.

Find Up and Coming Locations

Explore new markets—beyond what traditional methods can do. From visitation patterns to footfall to demographics, compare multiple areas or sites at once. Then discover up-and-coming areas within a target market to reach your customers, before the competition does.

Expand with Confidence

Make informed decisions at every step to grow your business. Track storefront ROI, understand the opportunity cost and potential cannibalization of new locations, and analyze gaps that may present opportunity.

Azira’s Solution for Market Research

Visitation Pattern Insights

Know which paths customers take to get to a location and whether they ultimately visit your business.

Privacy-First, Always

Know that Azira prioritizes consumer privacy.

Power Custom Visualizations

Create custom maps and charts to support data-driven decisions. Understand true trade area, visitation by daypart, and more.

Cannibalization Analysis

Understand the impact of new locations on existing ones. When you choose to expand to a new site, track its performance in real-time.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Combine different report types to understand shopping habits, where else customers like to visit, and more.

Demographics Reports

Understand your customers' household-level demographic profiles such as age, income, race, and educational level.
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