Webinar: Marketing Agencies: Use Consumer Behavior Data to Help You Win More Deals

Get to know who travelers are, where they come from, their seasonal patterns and more. Whether you’re an airline, airport, hospitality provider, or tourism board, access the traveler insights you need to target, attract, and serve your visitors.

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Know the Global Origin and Destination for Travelers

Understand where visitors are coming from and going, with global coverage. With visitor insights, you can optimize airline network planning, target marketing campaigns for measurable impact, and know how changes in service affect market share for an airport or destination.

Attract More Travelers and Maximize ROI

Discover your desired audience based on real-world behaviors. Visitor insights can help you determine affinity destinations, key origin markets, and more to help you with airline network planning, hotel site selection, marketing campaign targeting and attribution, and more.

Uncover Broader Trends in Travel

Discover trends beyond visitation at any single destination, hotel or airline. See how competitors are affected by macro trends, which destinations are gaining popularity, how events impact travel, and which origin markets are driving visitation to the destinations that matter to you.

Azira’s Solution for Traveler Insights

Privacy-First, Always

Know that Azira prioritizes consumer privacy.

Up-To-Date, Accurate Insights

Keep tabs on changing traveler preferences with data that moves as often as they do. Illuminate trends by region, city, or neighborhood.

Competitive Set Analysis

Create visitation reports for any place—including your competitors’. Analyze market share, trade areas, demographics, and more.

Location Affinity Analysis

See what other destinations travelers prefer and then choose locations or routes for marketing campaigns to attract them.

Market Research in an Instant

Unlock valuable insights to evaluate markets—like activity by season, popularity trends, or which destinations are up-and-coming.

Demographics and More

Get to know the travelers at any destination, including demographics, online and offline behaviors, brand affinities and more, so you can better attract and serve them.
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