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Australian QSR Brand achieves higher than average engagement rates with Azira’s Allspark


BIG worked with Azira to promote and achieve better engagement rates for a limited-time menu item for the QSR brand.


The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) segment is one of the most hotly contested in the Australian market for eatery options with established global brands primarily competing on speed, efficiency and a mix of well-known consumer menu selections. These outlets are also typically clustered within high consumer traffic zones and frequently pepper their surrounding areas with similar offers, deals and discounts across a multitude of consumer mediums and awareness platforms.

However, when most QSRs are using similar engagement methods the success or failure of a campaign (and the associated ad spend) can be sensitive to timing, demographics and other datasets that a QSR isn’t able to capture and analyse. Simply put, data intelligence revealing enhanced insights into consumer segments, behaviours and personas would represent a real competitive advantage and the opportunity for a greater share of wallet across a QSR’s local area at the expense of competitors.

The Challenge

To gauge consumer interest in the potential return of a popular time limited menu item, a well known QSR posted, via Instagram, if they received 5000+ lines and comments on the post the item would be returned to circulation. After receiving over 7000 likes and 5000 comments, the QSR was not only interested in capitalising on the interest in this menu item regarding footfall and retail sales, but also a sharper understanding of customers across localised areas. In doing so they could optimise their ad spend, customise audience promotions and provide a highly curated customer experience. However, to do so they would need the expertise of a leading provider in geolocation tracking technology to assist with this data intelligence project.


The adtech agency, BIG, collaborated with data intelligence provider, Azira, using our game-changing Allspark platform. Allspark enables brands to create custom audience segments by choosing from multiple data sets such as demographics, affluence level, interests etc. These data inputs combined with proximity targeting enable advertisers to create highly customised, hyper-localised marketing campaigns.

Proximity targeting is a dynamic marketing tool using permission based mobile location services to reach consumers in real-time when they are within a designated proximity to a store location or point of interest. By using this solution advertisers can benefit from extracting deeper insights into the digital footprint of targeting audience segments, and potentially unearthing new ones.


The outcome was a resounding success with the campaign achieving higher than average engagement rates. The following insights were gained and have since been used to optimise this QSR’s marketing mix and ad spend.


with an average of
3 views per user

2.17% CTR
of Average Click
Thru Rate(CTR)

Higher Ad Engagement
amongst females
than males

25 – 34 year old Professionals
were reached the most, however
Students showed the highest
audience engagement

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