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QSR drives 50% Uplift in Footfall with Custom Audience and Creative Ad Strategy



One of Australia’s most iconic Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchises partnered with Mindshare, a leading advertising agency, to promote their Value Box Range. 

Using Azira’s Marketing Intelligence Platform, Allspark, Mindshare was able to deliver an effective and targeted advertising campaign between September and January. The platform’s advanced audience curation tools enabled Mindshare to identify key, hard to reach segments, ensuring the Value Box Range was promoted to people who were most likely to be interested in it. 

The campaign’s results were impressive, with 15% of the activated audience coming from first-time customers, demonstrating the effectiveness of its targeting strategy and investment.


Mindshare faced several challenges when promoting the Value Box Range, including taking market share from KFC, Australia’s largest chicken QSR chain. To succeed, Mindshare needed to develop a strategic approach that would drive customers to their stores. This required a deep understanding of the target audience, and the ability to reach the right customers at the right time.

Another significant challenge was the limited metrics available to track ROAS based on customer conversions, making it difficult to measure the campaign’s effectiveness and optimise the strategy.


In order to deliver a highly effective drive-to-store campaign, Azira implemented its ‘Triple A’ approach:


Azira curated three custom audience segments that were most likely to visit the QSR during its promotional period:


Azira successfully activated these audiences by delivering engaging rich media ads through in-app and mweb channels. Leveraging the ‘Tap-to-Map’ creative format helped build brand awareness by enabling customers quickly locate their closest store.

Through our managed services, Mindshare was able to collaborate with Azira and update the creative content to reflect the QSR’s changing Value Box offer, resulting in enhanced interaction and engagement with the target audience.


Azira provided reporting after each burst of Value Box offering including total attributed footfall, attribution lift index, map views and cost per store visit by segment and ad channel. 

Azira also offered valuable insights mid-campaign to assess performance against competitors and provide context for success. These metrics allowed Mindshare and the QSR to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and make data-driven decisions to optimize future advertising strategies.


The campaign which aimed to promote the Value Box Range, delivered remarkable results. 

Azira’s superior data capabilities helped deliver strong results for the campaign. The level of reporting has been exceptionally detailed and contains highly valuable and actionable insights for the brand.

Aarohan Dev Marketplace Manager, Mindshare

Some of the key outcomes include:

Part of this success was due to mid-campaign optimisation, led by the insights provided by Azira. This included delivery environment; competitor visitation analysis and; cross-store visitation; to identify additional competitor segments to target. The cost per attributed footfall and dwell time reports allowed Mindshare to determine conversions and ROAS, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to optimise future advertising strategies.

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