Webinar: Marketing Agencies: Use Consumer Behavior Data to Help You Win More Deals

Power key decisions with data. Track consumer foot traffic patterns, get market-level insights, and monitor the competition with place-based location intelligence from Pinnacle, Azira’s next-level operational intelligence solution.

Access Powerful Operational Intelligence 

Explore 70 million places and instantly gain powerful insights to grow your business. Measure foot traffic for any location, understand true trade areas and paths customers take to get there, and keep tabs on how competitors’ locations do in comparison.

Reduce Risk Around Site Selection

Power your site selection with operational intelligence – perform gap analysis, find sites that align with your customer profile, select locations with strong foot traffic, and more. Understand the potential for cannibalization of new locations and analyze up-and-coming markets.

Optimize Your Operations Strategy

Understand how consumers move to make smarter decisions around staffing, inventory, supply chain management, airline network planning, merchandising and more. Learn the peak hours and days of the week, where visitors go before or after going to a location, and more.

Smarter, Faster Decisions at Every Step

Instant people and place-based insights powered by Pinnacle.

Privacy by Design

Know that Azira prioritizes consumer privacy.

Up-To-Date, Accurate Insights

Keep tabs on changing consumer preferences with data that moves as often as they do. Illuminate trends by region, city, neighborhood, or even street.

Competitive Intelligence

Create visitation reports for any location—including your competitors’. Analyze market share, trade, areas, demographics, and more.

Faster Actionable Insights

Unlock value faster with solutions that work for your team, from an intuitive platform to APIs, feeds and seamless integrations with GIS tools.

Power Custom Visualizations

Create custom maps and charts to support data-driven decisions. Understand true trade area, visitation by daypart, and more.

Downloadable Data Sets

Access 20+ unique data sets around operational intelligence to plug into tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Alteryx, ESRI, and others
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