Webinar: Marketing Agencies: Use Consumer Behavior Data to Help You Win More Deals

Serve up more effective campaigns with next-level location-based marketing. Understand customer interests, behaviors, brand affinities, and more to identify the right audience, activate effective campaigns, and attribute the offline ROI of cross-channel campaigns based on real-world behaviors.

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Reach the Right Audience with Cross-Channel Advertising

Deliver unmatched location-based marketing based on a deep understanding of your audiences. From local visitation patterns, to household income, to personal interests and activities, unlock a complete picture of your audience so you can personalize messaging.

Achieve True Omnichannel Activation 

Understand both online and offline behavior to serve the right ads on the best channel, connecting journeys across mobile, social, CTV, OOH and in-store visitation.

Optimize Your Cross-Channel Advertising Budgets

Get real-time estimates of custom audiences across digital channels and compare results to get smarter with ad sales and budget allocation.

Understand Offline Attribution Across Every Channel

Measure every interaction, from impressions to adds-to-cart to in-store footfall – to clearly attribute the return on ad spend. Gain a holistic understanding of the path to purchase, and directly tie ad spend to digital and real world conversions.

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