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How Periscope And Azira’s Geotargeting Campaign Effectively Drove Awareness For Hopo, The Gold Coast’s Sightseeing Ferry



PeriscoPe, an innovative media agency that uses unique strategies to drive measurable results, was looking to drive awareness for its client, Hopo, a hop-on, hop-off sightseeing ferry visiting top destinations in the Gold Coast. Hopo was looking to drive awareness of the Hopo Ferry and visits to the Hopo website.

To maximize effectiveness, Hopo and PeriscoPe wanted to reach potential customers within a tight radius around the Hopo ferry stops at Southport, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Bundall. To address this challenge, PeriscoPe partnered with Azira, leveraging their geotargeting capabilities, layered on top of additional audience curation capabilities to ensure they reached the right audience with the right message.


Hopo wanted to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing budget, as they looked to drive:

  • Unique reach & impressions to drive awareness of the Hopo Ferry

  • Specific messaging to each of the four key customer groups broken into life stages: Families, Friends, Seniors, and Tourists

  • Visitation to Hopo’s website, hopo.com.au

PeriscoPe needed to create a campaign that would move the needle on these metrics, and would ensure the right message was reaching each of the key customer groups.


PeriscoPe devised a comprehensive solution for Hopo’s marketing challenge, leveraging Azira’s advanced geotargeting capabilities and audience curation strategies. To maximize campaign efficiency, the focus was on reaching potential customers within practical proximity to key Hopo ferry stops – Southport, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, and Bundall. The goal was not only to drive unique reach and impressions but also to deliver specific messages tailored to four distinct customer groups: Families, Friends, Seniors, and Tourists. Here’s how those target groups were defined:

Families – residents of Gold Coast, with a common evening location (CEL) within 12km of Southport, ages 30-55, identified as being part of the Parents segment

Friends – residents of Gold Coast, with a common evening location (CEL) within 12km of Southport, ages 30-55, not part of the Parents segment

Seniors – residents of Gold Coast, with a common evening location (CEL) within 12km of Southport, ages 55+

Tourists – non-residents of Gold Coast, seen visiting within 12km of Southport, ages 30-75

With those specific and exclusive segments defined, the team at PeriscoPe was able to deploy high-impact ad units uniquely designed to resonate with each of the four groups.

"I am thrilled to witness the remarkable success of our geotargeting campaign for Hopo Ferries in partnership with Azira. By strategically tailoring messages to specific customer segments we achieved strong results that show the power of geotargeting as a dynamic tool for driving awareness and impact."

Susan Harangi Performance Media Executive, PeriscoPe


The campaign yielded impressive results, demonstrating the effectiveness of the geotargeting for the client:

Precision-Targeting at Scale:The campaign delivered more than 420K impressions to the target customers within 12km of the Southport station, with a unique reach of 191K.

CTR Exceeding Industry Benchmarks: The campaign effectively resonated with the target audiences with the high-impact 320×480 units reaching an average CTR of greater than 1%, and an overall campaign CTR of .38%.

Optimized Performance During the Campaign: The CTR performance of the campaign improved over time as awareness increased, rising from an average CTR of .30% in the first week of the campaign to .43% in the last week.

The retailer looks forward to continuing to leverage the data to navigate key strategic moves around their off-mall strategy, concept stores, and overall sustainable business model.

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