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Ford Garners High Auto Enthusiast Walk-Ins at MIAS with Real-World Intelligence



With the intent to drive awareness about Ford Everest, Ford participated in the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS). The objective was to increase foot traffic at the venue.


Azira’s mobile location data pool helped Ford build its audience segment and target them in real-time, thereby increasing walk-ins at MIAS.


Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) in Philippines is among the biggest and most awaited auto shows of the year exhibiting innovative technology, and latest models of premium auto brands. Since it is very popular among auto enthusiasts and auto buyers, Ford was looking to unveil its new car – Ford Everest, even before its launch in the Philippine market.

Ford wanted to create a buzz around the unveiling of the Everest and reach out to its potential customers by providing them a first-hand experience of the car. It was looking to spread awareness by driving consumers to the World Trade Center, the MIAS venue.

The main challenge was to reach out to their target consumers at the right time and place to drive foot traffic to MIAS.


With the objective to drive their target consumers to the event, targeting through mobile devices was the go-to-channel for Ford as this is the only medium for real-time audience targeting.

Azira’s ability to build customized audience segments and target these in real-time provided the perfect solution to achieve Ford’s objective

Using location-based data, a robust audience segment of auto enthusiasts was built from the consumers seen in and around Ford & its competitor stores. With this historical behavior, mobile ads displaying the image of the brand new “Ford Everest” were shown to this curated segment over smartphone & tablets two days prior to the auto show. In addition to this, the mobile ads were also shown to consumers in close proximity to the event venue. The consumers attending the event were also targeted during the auto show.


Rich media creatives in banner ads were shown to these audiences, which previewed the All-New Everest and promoted MIAS. On the landing page, the ads carried the image of the All-New Everest with CTA buttons like “View Route/Map” and “Know more” options to provide users with the address & map to the venue and detailed information about the car. The “Know More” option enabled users to explore all the features, colors and design of the Ford Everest. It also helped users find their nearest dealer and request for a test drive or brochure.


To measure the effectiveness of the campaign, a research was conducted to analyze user engagement and number of walk-ins after they were exposed to the ad. The research revealed the following results:

  • 21% of the users who engaged with the ads targeted in and around World Trade Center were found to be at the auto show.
  • Since ads were also shown to users seen around the Ford stores to create buzz around the new launch, reaching the relevant audiences was very effective. As a result, twice as many walk-ins were seen from the users targeted around Ford stores compared to the users targeted across the event
  • User ad engagement was seen higher during the days of the event as compared to pre-event days.
  • While the content consumption by the users was high between 12 pm – 3 pm, the footfall increase for the event were seen in the night between 7 pm – 10 pm.
  • Higher engagement was seen amongst youth and working professionals
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