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The Future of Fast Food

with Allyn Taylor, Director of Development and Construction at Pollo Campero

About this Episode:

In this episode, Kat is joined by Allyn Taylor, Director of Development and Construction at Pollo Campero, a Guatemalan restaurant chain serving flavorful chicken meals. Allyn talks about how Pollo Campero uses data to better understand its customer base and how major shifts in consumer behavior have had a net positive impact on the success of the chain. He also addresses the dos and don’ts of data strategies in growing a modern restaurant chain.

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Allyn Taylor
Director of Development & Construction at Pollo Campero

Key Highlights:

10:41 - 11:12
Using Data to Better Understand the Behavior of Consumers
Pollo Campero is not only looking at the concentration of its guests, but also at the mix of devices, and overlaying customer profiles over the devices to understand who's there as well as key day parts. The idea is using data to understand the behavior of consumers will not only yield the best results, but also maximize ROI.
11:14 - 11:37
It’s Critical to Maximize Your ROI
Selecting the right locations and trade areas will offer the utmost ROI because you will ultimately grow your customer base.
13:58 - 15:12
Getting Into Site Assessment & Utilizing the Data
Evaluate locations based on the concentration of guests during key day parts and hours of the day. This helps to evaluate positioning within a shopping center and gives you a sense of where the best location would be, based on the concentrations of guests. Utilize data to evaluate trade areas and sites as well.
15:25 - 16:11
Estimating Cannibalization & Answering Key Questions with the Data
Cannibalization is extremely important when it comes to site selection. Look at existing trade areas for all possible locations, isolate where guests are 30 minutes before visiting your store, and understand traffic patterns– these elements provide vetted information for a market plan.
27:16 - 29:28
What the Data Means
You must think thoroughly on what the data means, and you mustn't misinterpret it. Build parameters and understanding with additional data sets around intent. All this to help mItigate risk. Foster an environment where you get access to all the data you’ll need, and utilize it along the way to make the best, most timely decisions.

It’s critical to just maximize your ROI. We want to go after the locations and the trade areas that are gonna offer us the biggest bang for the buck initially. And we know that we’ll grow the brand and the idea is that we’ll continue to grow our customer base. And we’ll also see the ROI increase on some of those later trade areas that maybe don’t make sense up front, but will over time.

Allyn Taylor
Director of Development & Construction