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McDonald’s Singapore increases footfall and boosts sales with OOH advertisements



McDonald’s Singapore was looking to increase footfall in its stores and partnered with Stellar Ace for an OOH campaign. Stellar Ace (previously SMRT media) is Singapore’s largest digital and out-of-home media company and offers advertising space along its extensive commute lines. Stellar Ace partnered with Azira to add a digital advantage to the OOH space by using Azira’s extensive people and places intelligence to further target commuters on mobile. 

This partnership brings traditional OOH ad campaigns to a whole new level by taking advantage of a connected ecosystem covering commute-street-shop-mobile networks. This would mean the accurate tracking of hundreds of digital screens across train stations, bus stations etc.


  • Boost in-store footfall and engagement
  • Increase awareness for new categories of products


Traditional offline advertisers have had to adapt to an increasingly digital world. Out-of-home advertising is one such example of a traditional offline advertising option, now being digitally enabled. Typical OOH formats such as billboards, ads on bus shelters, subways etc have now become digitally enabled. With the use of data intelligence, marketers can now ensure ads reach a wider audience and also re-target those who see these ads via mobile. 

Quick Takeaway

What is OOH Advertising? Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is traditional (i.e. non-digital and non-programmatic) outdoor advertising. Also known as out-of-home or outdoor media, OOH advertising is about messaging consumers when they are in public places, commuting to work, waiting (e.g. in elevators), and in specific commercial locations.

Typical OOH formats include billboards, on-car ads, bus-stop shelters, etc. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is basically OOH powered up with AdTech – geofencing, tracking, retargeting, personalizing, attribution, and measurement.

Stellar Ace partnered with Azira, the world’s largest source of intelligence on people and places to digitally retarget, accurately measure and attribute the success of their OOH campaign. With this, McDonald’s can:

  • Reach a wider audience (audience extension)
  • Retarget prospective audiences via mobile advertisements
  • Be able to attribute and measure footfalls driven by out-of-home promotions and
  • Make a better estimation of return on out-of-home spends


Azira-powered Stellar Ace’s adtech platform called Ace Biota enables smarter ad buying for offline assets with sharper consumer data analytics for pre-campaign planning. Through this Stellar Ace was able to track commuters who viewed their offline ad using device IDs and retarget them on mobile devices. This means the consumer who sees an offline ad for McDonald’s is retargeted with a promotional offer on mobile.

If the consumer visits a store after seeing the digital ad, then the visit gets attributed to the out-of-home promotion the consumer first saw at the train station and McDonald’s gets a more accurate estimation of return on ad spend. 

To accurately measure the efficacy of the campaign, Azira created a lookalike audience of the exposed audience from its exhaustive database using common demographics and attributes between both audiences. Azira then calculated the Attribution Lift from the ratio of footfall rates between the two groups to arrive at the Attribution Lift Index.


The campaign was successful as the messaging resonated with the audience and resulted in a good response rate.


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