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Proving Digital Audio’s Value: How Nine Increased Footfall by 36%



Nine, one of Australia’s leading media organisations, aimed to validate the direct value of its digital audio advertisements in driving foot traffic for its client, a top pharmacy retailer.

The primary objective was to measure the footfall of the audience exposed to these ads and assess their impact on the retailer’s hundreds of locations across Australia. To address this challenge, Nine partnered with Azira, leveraging their independent attribution measurement capabilities.

By leveraging this solution, Nine looked for comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of their audio advertisements in driving foot traffic and ultimately boosting sales for the retailer.


Nine faced two key challenges to prove the efficacy of their digital audio adverts:

Drive sales for the
pharmacy retailer

Establish the effectiveness of digital audio ads in driving foot traffic to the retailer’s physical stores

By addressing these challenges and demonstrating the tangible impact of their digital audio advertisements, Nine aimed to drive confidence and trust with this and other clients in the value and efficacy of their digital audio ad campaigns.


To address the challenge of driving sales and proving the effectiveness of digital audio ads, Nine implemented a comprehensive campaign strategy centred around audio advertising. The campaign included the broadcast of 15-second and 30-second audio adverts through Nine radio live streaming. The creative content of the ads strategically highlighted the various sales and promotions on the retailer’s products, tailored to each week of the campaign.

To accurately measure the impact of the digital audio adverts on foot traffic, Nine partnered with Azira to leverage their proprietary Offline Attribution measurement capability. This provided valuable insights beyond attributed footfall, including data on demographics, brand affinities, dwell time, and distance travelled within the attribution window.


The campaign yielded impressive results, demonstrating the value and impact of digital audio ads for the client:

36% Attribution Uplift:

The offline attribution measurement capability provided by Azira showcased a 36% uplift in foot traffic to the retailer’s
stores, directly attributed to the digital audio ads

Age 35-45 Professionals Highly Indexed:

The campaign effectively resonated with the target audience of professionals aged between 35 and 45. These individuals demonstrated a higher index of engagement with the digital audio ads, indicating the campaign's relevance and appeal to this demographic segment.

Value for Money:

The exposed audience exhibited a strong affinity towards value-for-money offerings, with 20% expressing a notable preference for retail brands such as Aldi and Kmart. This finding further reinforced the effectiveness of the client’s sales-driven messaging in the audio ads.

These results not only validate Nine’s approach but also highlight the significance of leveraging digital audio ads as a powerful marketing tool to drive sales and increase footfall for retail clients.

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