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3 Things You Didn’t Know About CTV Audiences in the US vs the UK

With people increasingly choosing to switch to Connected TV from linear TV, CTV will be the future of advertising. According to Statista, over 92% of households in the USA are reachable by CTV, with adoption being even higher among Gen Z and Millenials. They also reported a 33% increase in ad spending for CTV in the US, amounting to roughly $19B. According to current projections, this could increase to $36B by 2026.

There’s no better time than now to add CTV Advertising to your marketing mix to reach the right audiences and boost your campaigns and drive growth. One of the most significant benefits of CTV Advertising is being able to curate your audiences, which was not possible with linear TV. This means additional savings on your budget and better ROI.

Reaching the Right Audience on CTV

How do you get your audience curation right? You need to understand the kind of consumers you are reaching and narrow your filters to ensure you reach only potential buyers/consumers and increase your ROI. You could always get insights on your audience from your DMP or MMP Platform, but this would mean an additional tool with integration and more. The ideal is to be able to target and curate your audience based on both their digital and real-world behavior. Azira’s CTV offering enables marketers to do exactly that. You can now target CTV audiences using the same granular behavioral segmentation used for digital campaigns using the Azira Platform.

But it is important for brands to also understand the characteristics of CTV audiences, and how they differ based on geographies, devices, and more. Using Azira’s data, we studied CTV audiences in the US and UK to understand 5 differing characteristics.

3 characteristics of CTV Audiences – US vs UK

  • Device Type: It is essential to know which devices and operating channels your audiences prefer. Research revealed that the majority of users in the US preferred iOS devices while those in the UK preferred Android devices. 73% of UK CTV users used Android devices while the split was more evenly distributed in the US with 58% using iOS. Apple and Samsung were the leading brands in both countries. Azira
  • Demographics: There were slightly more women CTV users in the UK whereas the US had more male users. When it comes to age groups, CTV users in the US were from predominantly older age groups, while in the UK, users from the 25-44 age group were leading.
  • Audience Affinity & Interests: In keeping with the age disparity between CTV audiences in the USA and the UK, their interests and affinities differed. For example, the younger UK audiences were interested in dating, online shopping and fitness whereas, top three affinities for older US audiences were fast food, casual dining and pets.

These insights on CTV  audiences can be useful while planning CTV campaigns in these regions. For example, CTV would be a great channel for a university wanting to reach out to students in the UK to drive applications.


Azira studied the data available on Audiences in our Allspark platform. The Connect TV IDs were also mapped to Mobile Device IDs providing further insights on demographics, home locations, device types, audience affinities and more.

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