Webinar: How 4 Top Destinations Harnessed Consumer Behavior Data to Win

How Zartico Empowers DMOs’ Decision-Making with Azira’s Tourism Data


Zartico, creator of the world’s only Destination Operation System, was looking to serve destinations with intelligence to support data-driven decisions in real-time. Zartico empowers clients, which include Salt Lake City, South Lake Tahoe and others, with data tracking visitor movement, spending and events.

Zartico partnered with Azira to get human movement data that powers dynamic visualizations to help destinations understand visitor patterns. Azira’s data includes more than 200 million visitors in the United States and 1.6 billion worldwide, giving Zartico and their clients a huge data sample to inform their decision-making. 

Here’s what Sarah Lehman, CEO of Zartico, had to say about the partnership with Azira:

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