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What is Human Movement Data and How Can it Power Growth?

Human movement data has helped companies close deals, expand their brands, and rethink their marketing and operations strategies. How and why should you be including human movement data in your company’s data strategy? And what is this expansive data on human movement patterns? We’ll share more on this emerging dataset, and the possibilities it enables.

What is human movement data?

Human movement data is powerful data on people and places to understand visitation patterns, visitor origin, consumer profiles and more.

Human movement data starts with mobile location data, and is constantly being gathered from apps on smartphones in which users have opted into using location services. Azira is the world’s leading provider of human movement data, and ingests millions of these points of data every second. We then cleanse the data for only the highest quality observations, and combine it with other high quality data sets including census data, transactional data, geospatial data, and more. From all this we produce datasets specifically tailored to answer your industry’s most sought after questions like: 

  • Where are my visitors and customers coming from? What are their demographics and brand affinities?
  • What are the trade areas of my locations? How do they compare to my competitors’ locations?
  • How have the brand preferences of my visitors and customers changed in the past few months?

6 ways human movement data can power growth:

Human movement data can be applied to uncover insights that matter to your business and help inform your strategy and decisions.  Here are 6 ways it can enable growth in your business:


Get real-time accurate insights

Because it is constantly being sourced from mobile apps, human movement data always offers fresh, real-time insights.

Survey at unparalleled scale

Get insights on the majority of people carrying smartphones - Azira’s data universe includes data for 70 million places.

Gain visibility into competitor insights

Easily perform competitive analysis on market share, trade areas, competitive visitations, demographics, and more.

View data intelligence globally

Understand visitor trends on millions of locations in the markets that matter to your business.

Obtain insights beyond what first-party data provides

Shed light into those areas that first-party data doesn’t cover, including a more complete view of your customer, competitor insights, and market-level trends.

Easily digest and use in your organization

Use real-world data to inform your business decisions in real time, even without a technical background for key use cases in a variety of industries including retail, restaurants, commercial real estate and tourism.

How to get started

If you haven’t begun incorporating human movement data into your business toolkit, now is a great time to start. With massive shifts in consumer behavior and tremendous opportunity for innovative businesses, data intelligence has never been more important. Human movement data augments your first-party data to provide real-time insights, massive scale, global coverage, and competitor visibility.

If you want to learn more about human movement data and how to make the most of it, check out our eBook, 6 Unique Advantages to Using Human Movement Data. To find out more about how Azira can help you with your human movement data needs, please schedule a demo.