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Charm Bianchini

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Swiftie Nation Takes Over Australia: Decoding Fan Behavior with Azira 

Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated Eras tour recently swept through Australia with a series of mesmerizing performances, captivating audiences across Sydney and Melbourne. As Swifties flocked to these two venues, Azira’s consumer behavior data provided invaluable insights into their travel patterns, accommodation choices, activities, and more. This blog will explore Swiftie trends for the Melbourne concerts.

Question 1: How far are Swifties willing to travel to see Taylor?

Azira’s data revealed that Swifties are truly dedicated fans, with a significant portion traveling from far and wide to attend the concerts. Impressively, 32% of concert-goers were visitors to Victoria, proving the strength of Ms. Swift’s fandom transcends state borders. Moreover, international visitors made up 9% of the audience, coming from countries such as New Zealand, Indonesia and even as far as the US. Within Australia, fans traveled –  New South Wales contributed 10.5% of the crowd, followed by Western Australia and South Australia  (7.5% each), Queensland (4%), and Tasmania (3%).

Question 2: Where did Swifties stay while visiting Melbourne?

When it came to accommodations, Swifties opted for luxury, with a staggering 72% choosing to stay in 5-star hotels. This preference for upscale lodging reflects the desire for a premium experience to complement Ms. Swift’s legendary performances. With a median ticket price of AUD 200, fans clearly decided to treat this event as the special occasion it was.

Swifties hotel stays

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Question 3: Which shopping precincts attracted Swifties?

Azira’s data unveiled Swifties’ penchant for shopping, with particular concentration in Melbourne’s bustling shopping precincts. One prominent mall, Melbourne Central, emerged as a hotspot for Swiftie foot traffic. Notably, Melbourne Central saw a 44% higher footfall compared to Queens Village on the Saturday of the concert, indicating concert attendees seek leisurely pursuits outside of the concert venue.

Question 4: How many Swifties attended multiple nights?

Diehard Swifties demonstrated their unwavering dedication by attending multiple nights of the concert series. While the majority, 92%, attended one night, a notable 5% returned for a second night, and 3% attended all three nights. 

3 nights

2 nights

1 night

In conclusion, Azira’s consumer behavior data paints a picture of Taylor Swift’s dedicated Australian fan base – an attractive consumer group for many segments – from their extensive travel distances to their preference for luxury accommodations and penchant for shopping. 

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