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Why it’s critical to maintain a common thread in your campaign messaging

Common thread messaging in campaigns provides an additional lever to boost performance

Azira’s many partnerships with advertisers have demonstrated the importance of maintaining a common thread throughout campaign messaging, as it offers additional avenues for optimization.

A common-thread messaging approach provides many ways to improve performance. A crucial foundation of this approach requires advertisers to build a sustainable relationship with their media partner. This way, they can limit the performance volatility of their marketing campaigns, while improving them over time.

Continuously improve targeting 

Both at the national and individual location level, continuously or repeatedly running a media campaign allows you to accumulate knowledge of your target audiences, while regularly refining how trade areas are configured.

A continuous feedback loop will allow you to:

Reactivate audiences who engaged with previous campaigns by “retargeting” profiles that are responsive to your messaging.

Build “lookalike” audiences  by analyzing the typical profile of the most receptive users (using socio-demographic data, affinities, etc.).

These optimization levers allow Azira to refine the audiences over time and identify the consumer profiles most receptive to the messages in your campaigns.

Recently, a building materials brand contacted Azira to promote its new product line. By continuously activating audiences, Azira progressively refined the targeting by identifying the profiles most sensitive to the brand’s offers, resulting in a 25% drop in CPV over the year.
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Identify the most engaging offers in the most intuitive formats

Azira uses a catalog of formats to advertise a wide range of products and promotions.

This allows us to identify the products and promotions that generate the greatest engagement from users. The goal is to offer the advertiser recommendations to optimize future campaigns with messaging and targeting that performs best.

Azira offers a wide range of immersive visual templates (including mosaic, carousel, sliders) developed to optimize performance. Repeating campaigns helps to gain insights and refine  how to best select and utilize templates within a specific sector (mass retail, home repair, home furnishings, automobile, etc.).

For example, while carousels seem to be especially well-suited to home furnishing, mosaics and sliders generally perform better for mass retail. Analyzing the results of past campaigns gives advertisers information about the best template(s) for their future operations.

Several additional aspects can be incorporated to improve campaign performance (both in terms of CTR as CPV), especially calls to action.

Azira always recommends including calls to action like “Buy now” or “Find a store” that direct users to the nearest point of sale. This practice increases CTR by 11% to 22%.
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