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Veronica Puistonen

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Shining a Light on EDC: Azira’s Insights into Festival-Goer Behavior 

In May of each year, hundreds of thousands of electronic dance music fans head to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC). The event is held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and is currently the largest electronic dance music festival in North America. As festival goers arrived in Las Vegas, Azira’s consumer behavior data provided invaluable insights into their travel patterns, accommodation choices, and more. This blog will explore the trends that took place at the May 2024 festival.


How far did festival goers travel to attend EDC?

Azira’s data revealed that EDC is most commonly attended by Americans. 97% of EDC attendees traveled to Las Vegas from within the U.S., while the remaining 3% came from international destinations. Of the domestic visitors, California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona were the most common states where festival goers traveled from to attend EDC.

Domestic Visitors Breakdown
EDC 2024 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway


Where did festival goers stay while visiting Las Vegas?

EDC offered two official accommodation options, Hotel EDC hosted by the Las Vegas Hilton, and Camp EDC, an outdoor camping experience near the festival grounds. However, the majority of festival goers chose to stay at alternative accommodations. Approximately 9% of the festival goers chose to stay at the Las Vegas Hilton, while 5% stayed at Camp EDC.


How many festival goers attended multiple nights?

With Azira’s insights, EDC fans proved dedicated to the festival. During the three-day long festival, around 50% of festival goers attended all three nights. The remaining 32% attended one night and 16% attended two nights. Those that attended one day were more likely to be from Nevada where the festival took place, whereas those that attended two or more nights traveled from out-of-state or internationally.

EDC Frequency of Visits

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What local attractions did festival goers visit?

Many festival goers didn’t venture far from the EDC grounds or their accommodations. The famous Las Vegas Strip was visited by 36% of festival goers, whereas 7% visited another major tourist attraction, Fremont Street. Only 1% of festival goers visited both attractions. When compared to previous weekends in 2024, there was no significant jump in overall visitors at both attractions due to the EDC event.

In conclusion, Azira’s data-driven insights surface festival-goers trends and behaviors during the event. For more information on Azira’s consumer behavior data and how it can be used for real-world analysis, reach out today.