Webinar: Marketing Agencies: Use Consumer Behavior Data to Help You Win More Deals

Evan Saunders

Vice President, Global Tourism & Hospitality

3 mins read

Measure Visits Driven to Your Destination from CTV Ads with Sojern and Azira

Destination marketers face the challenge of reaching the right audiences at the right time — and with the right message — as more and more viewers are now streaming content on Connected TV (CTV), compared with linear TV. However, the ability to watch CTV from anywhere presents a prime opportunity for destination marketers to connect with their target audiences and drive them to their destinations. That’s where leading platforms like Sojern and Azira come into play. 

Precision-Targeted CTV Campaigns with Sojern 

Sojern, a leading travel marketing platform, is at the forefront of leveraging location-based CTV ads to help destination marketers achieve their goals. Sojern’s platform allows destination marketers to reach travelers by aggregating billions of travel data points daily to reach the most relevant prospects. Sojern curates real-time data to create hyper-targeted travel audiences, enabling precision-targeted campaigns that drive awareness and engagement.  

By incorporating CTV ads into multichannel strategies, Sojern reaches highly engaged audiences with a 95% completion rate for CTV ads. This means that viewers watch the ad all the way to the end, making it 25% more effective than other online videos. By using Azira’s consumer behavior data — including post-impression foot-traffic attribution — Sojern is able to monitor the impact that CTV ads are having on visitation rates and calculate estimated economic impact. 

“Our partnership with Azira unlocks the ability to add location data into this reporting. We can see the number of arrivals in a given destination and tie it back to travelers exposed to that destination’s ads. Seeing the total number of visitors gives DMOs a more complete picture of campaign ROI and economic impact. We’re especially excited that our customers can now, using this location data, see post-impression in-destination foot-traffic attribution on their CTV campaigns.”

Kurt Weinsheimer Chief Product Officer at Sojern

Measuring CTV Campaign Success with Azira 

Azira, a global consumer insights platform, enhances Sojern’s capabilities by converting impressions from CTV ads into real-time visitation data. Using proprietary methodologies, Azira is able to determine if an ad viewer appears in a specific market — be it a country, city, or point of interest. Azira anonymizes and aggregates the data to show foot traffic attribution from a CTV ad to a physical location, providing a comprehensive view of the campaign’s impact. Azira’s solution covers over 100 countries for Sojern. 

Let’s look at an example of a smaller US beach destination currently partnering with Sojern on a CTV advertising campaign. After running a successful campaign for this destination, Azira’s consumer behavior data was used to attribute actual visits to the destination after viewers were exposed to a CTV ad for the destination. With precise attribution data, Sojern accessed the direct impact the CTV ads had on real-world visitation, which resulted in 1,822 travelers visiting the destination (results are from CTV ads that ran from  February to June 2024).

“Sojern offers an industry-leading global footfall attribution solution powered by Azira. The product development they’ve invested in is truly cutting-edge and has enabled our company to innovate on the solutions we provide. It’s been a fantastic and exciting partnership.”

Evan Saunders VP of Tourism and Hospitality at Azira

CTV advertising offers an abundance of opportunities for destination marketers to effectively reach their target audiences and drive real-world visitation to destinations. Together, Sojern and Azira ensure that the right messages reach the right audiences at the right time, with the capability to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Learn more about Sojern, or reach out to us today.