Webinar: Marketing Agencies: Use Consumer Behavior Data to Help You Win More Deals

Charm Bianchini

VP of Global Demand Generation

3 mins read

How Azira’s Marketing Team Uses Consumer Behavior Data for Effective Digital Ad Campaigns

In the digital age, consumer behavior data is no longer a nice-to-have — it’s the foundation upon which successful location-based digital advertising campaigns are built. Consumer behavior data is powerful 3rd party data providing important insights into visitation patterns, customer profiles, origins, and more enabling marketers to build truly unique, custom audiences.

These location-based and demographic-based insights allow marketers to target their ideal buyers, create lookalike audiences, retarget previous visitors, and identify people who visit competitor locations. Marketers can also create custom audiences to enable event promotion, advertise experiences to in-market consumers, offer discounts and specials during holidays, and drive people to local attractions.

Consumer Behavior Data is the Secret Sauce to Digital

With consumer behavior data, you can identify target audiences based on what people are actually doing in the real world. For example, let’s take a look at golf enthusiasts as a target audience. Below is how you might use consumer behavior data to create a custom audience based on where they have been along with demographic information. 

Golf enthusiast custom audience created with consumer behavior data:

  • People seen at golf courses 10 times in Florida over the last six months
  • People with an average household income of $100,000+ and live within 30 miles of a golf course in Florida
  • People who have visited golf brand stores over the last three months in Florida
  • People living in retirement communities within 20 miles of a golf course in Florida

When using key data like this to build a highly-specific audience, your digital ads are much more likely to convert. You are able to identify the right people and market to them with a personalized message, therefore enhancing the effectiveness and impact of your marketing campaign. 

How Azira’s Marketing Team Leverages Consumer Behavior Data

At Azira, consumer behavior data is the driving force behind digital advertising success. Here are two examples of how Azira’s marketing team uses their own data to run successful campaigns: 

Example 1: Digital Ad Campaign for Azira Event Marketing

To drive more traffic to Azira’s session at the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) annual conference in Las Vegas, the Azira marketing team implemented a targeted digital ad campaign. The strategy focused on mobile phones and tablets using a phased approach.

Initially, the team retargeted attendees from the past three years who had been seen at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the ICSC conferences. During the ICSC conference, Azira targeted attendees in real-time with messages featuring Azira’s speaking session. After the conference, the campaign continued to retarget attendees for up to four weeks. 

The campaign resulted in 957 impressions, 15 clicks, 1.56% CTR (surpassing the goal of 1.5%), and 11 attendees who came to the session after seeing the digital ads. 

Example 2: Digital Ad Campaign for Azira Tourism Meetings

To capture the tourism market in Latin America, Azira’s marketing team launched a digital ad campaign targeting mobile phones and tablets. 

The approach was to focus on corporate offices where key Latin American tourism decision makers work, as well as target those who had attended relevant Latin American tourism conferences in the past two years. 

The campaign generated 18,800 impressions, 286 clicks, 1.52% CTR (meeting the goal of 1.5%), and resulted in six meetings scheduled for the sales team.

When using consumer behavior data to create custom digital advertising audiences, you can acquire new customers with more effective targeting, grow loyalty by providing increased personalization, and maximize ROI. For more information, view our webinar, or reach out today.